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Newsletter June 2011

Congratulation to ALL who got the TOP Rank in Exams, Qualify in the Test or Promoted in their Fields.

Our Prajapati Community is growing up in few fields. But the Growing Speed is very slow, because Govt. & other Communities are not supporting to our Community. Our community is developing itself without any support. Prajapati Community is filled with the Talented & Brilliant peoples. But due to the lack of Information, Support & Fund our talents are hidden in the background of current atmosphere.

Reality of our community Honest, Hardworking, Devoted to humanity, Working for other community. After this truth Prajapati Community is being ignored by Government & other Communities. Community members are awaiting the help for their concern but most of the persons (80% appx.) are poor and living in the low cadre. Some educate persons think that we have achieved much more but reality is something else, this time we have to start to develop ourselves but some other communities has been well developed after the Independence (15th August, 1947). We are far behind. We have to increase our growing speed.

We started to highlight them on our website www.dakshglobal.net
Now, this is the duty of everyone who belongs to Prajapati Community, please co-operate to find out such person or send the information (With Photo) directly to us. You can send the information through SMS @ 9910070347, you can email us on our Email ID : dg70347@gmail.com or you are free to send a FAX : on 011-22170347.

This is the time of DAKSH GLOBAL-ization. Distance, Language, Boundary has no meaning in the GLOBAL-ization. Technology has changed all meanings. Information are available 24hrs. x 365days at mobile & internet.

In the past, information of Km. Deepika-Archery (Gold winner in CWG-2010) provided in the country through SMS & recently our Cine Artist Dhirendra Prajapati, who played a small role in the movie_LOVE YOU MR. KALAKAR. Many other information such like Last Journey or Rasam Pagri also sent to our community people

At this time, we are providing the information through SMS throughout the country. Usually, wishes are sending on Birthday & Marriage Anniversaries to our listed members (Till Today). And New Added Members will get the SMS also. We are also sending the Matrimonial SMS in Delhi & NCR. In future, we will try to send messages through our website www.dakshglobal.net (dg.net).

As we are the part of Prajapati Community by birth, Living in the community, thoughts are for the community & working for the community. So, we are working on basis of our earning from monthly salary. We are attending the maximum function of our community and the coverage-captured through my lenses the real shots. Please be noted that all the pics on our website were taken by me.

On www.dakshglobal.net you will see the old & recent pictures of events. Due to some technical problem with us we didnO ́t upload the pics & events. Now, you will see the New Look, New Style & the Latest information of our community of every States.

Appeal to all Prajapati who get the messages from our end. Not to Revert Back on the same no. for any clarification related to the SMS. Requesting Again, DonÓt make a call on that mobile from which you got the SMS. Our mobiles nos. are ending with 70347 (Last Five Digits). 70347 is the identity of DAKSH GLOBAL & we are also known with the name Daksh Global-70347. So, keep remember, If anybody wants any explanation about the SMSÓs or want the related information then we welcome to such persons only on 9910070347-9810070347-9310070347. Besides of these nos. we are unable to reply the call.

Imp.: ONLY Save / Call the following nos. These nos. are available for the conversation. Jai Bharat, Jai Prajapati

Pl do mention ur mobile no. in the future mails. Mobile no. will be helpful to communicate the activities of the Prajapati Community.

Thnx n Rgds,

Chief Co-ordinator
Daksh Global. Net

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  • indra mal
  • indramal.imp@gmail.com

Dear sir i am indrmal prajapati. I live in Rajasthan Disit Ajmer Thesil Beawar Vil. Badkochara. Thanks to All Prajapati members to joining this group. It is a very good i want to to joining this group sir.

  • Jitendra kr Prajapati
  • prajapatijitendra147@gmil.com

Meri Prajapati Samaj ke sabi yuva or sabi samaj Bhahiyon, Mataon or Bhahnon aur Bujurago se yeh message hai ki Samaj ko pragati ke path par lana hai to pahle samaj me ekta jaruri hai. Aapsi ranj-dwesh bhulna hoga. New Year se sabi samaj mein eketa vs shayog lane ka prayas karein. Yahi meri sabhi se gujarish hai.

  • Ramesh Kumar Prajapati
  • prajapatramesh698@gmail.com

This site is very good site. I proud that I am Prajapati

  • Prajapati Samman

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    Bareili , Uttar Pradesh


  • Marwar Ra Poot

    magzine image

    Jodhpur , Rajasthan


  • Prajapati Jyot

    magzine image

    Ahmedabad , Gujarat


  • Prajapati Kalyan Sandesh

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    Unnao, Uttar Pradesh